When summer rolls around, scheduling an annual air conditioner maintenance appointment with an experienced HVAC company is essential to staying cool and comfortable. In addition to staying cool and comfortable during those warm days, there are many benefits to preventative AC maintenance. Keep in mind that just like your car, your air conditioning system needs to be inspected and tuned every year. And if you’re not having this done, you’re losing out on the many benefits of preventative care.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

The benefits of regular air conditioning maintenance are many. They include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Extended AC equipment lifespan
  • Improved air quality
  • Less costly repairs

Regular AC maintenance enables your HVAC system to operate more efficiently and use less energy. As a matter of fact, it can lower your energy bills up to 30 percent. AC air conditioning maintenance includes cleaning the cooling coils, blades and compressor. The compressor is a major component of the system, and if it’s not in good shape, the system will have to work harder and use more energy. With regular AC maintenance, you’re helping keep the planet green.

Extend the life of your AC unit with regular maintenance up to 30 percent with regular maintenance. It will help keep your system running well over its whole lifecycle. It’s no secret that most AC systems fail before their lifespan due to a lack of maintenance. Maintain your AC system, and you’ll have comfort for years to come.

Breathe better with regular maintenance of your AC system. Dirt and debris collect inside the cages and components of the unit over the seasons. Those particulates are released into the air inside your home. The end result is poor indoor air quality. With a tune-up and cleaning, the HVAC technician cleans out debris and dirt, so the indoor air doesn’t get polluted.

Keep those dollars in your wallet with preventative maintenance of your AC system. You’ll have fewer repairs costs with regular maintenance and avoid having to make an emergency call. Damaged or worn parts can be easily replaced before a small issue mushrooms into a big one.

Lastly, you’ll avoid a sudden breakdown with preventative maintenance. There’s nothing worse than not having AC on a hot day or hot night.

An HVAC technician has a very long checklist during a maintenance appointment. The air filter is cleaned, electrical wiring is inspected, the thermostat is inspected and calibrated, the ignition system is tested for safe operation, the duct system is checked for carbon monoxide, refrigerant is checked and much, much more.

Time to have your AC system inspected and serviced? Be sure to give us call to schedule an appointment. Our technicians are certified and skilled.