As a homeowner, you have so many responsibilities that you need to be aware of. You need to keep everyone inside your home safe and protected at all times, handle all your household expenses on time, and keep groceries stocked throughout your house, and make sure everything is working properly.

When it comes to your home’s HVAC units, making sure they are functioning properly at all times should be right up at the top of your homeowner priority list. For some reason, despite the importance of functioning air conditioning and heating units, only 42% of homeowners call an HVAC repair professional to perform routine maintenance and repair work.

Heating and air conditioning services are great for keeping your home comfortable, energy efficient, and functioning properly throughout the year. Here are some commonly asked questions pertaining to HVAC services and residential air conditioning:

  • How often should I have my HVAC units inspected? — It’s recommended to have professionals inspect your HVAC units at least once a year, but it won’t hurt to have an HVAC repair professional come to your home more frequently.


  • What are some common AC problems? — There are all kinds of AC issues that would require you to contact air conditioning repair specialists. Here are some of the most common: faulty wiring, low refrigerant, frozen coils, lack of power, fan issues, and more.


  • How can I increase the energy efficiency of my HVAC units? — There are a few steps you can take to reduce the workload of your HVAC systems in order to improve its efficiencies, but the best way is to stay on top of proper maintenance. Common HVAC services include annual check-ups, cleaning and replacing air filters, and adding shades to areas of the home with significant sunlight to keep better manage the temperature and overall energy output.


  • What is the optimum indoor humidity level I should aim for? — Throughout your home, it’s best to maintain an indoor range between 35 and 50% relative humidity, but anywhere from 40 to 45% works fine for the majority of U.S. households. Make sure you’re not going above this level, however, because condensation, molding, and respiratory issues can occur as a result.

Though winter is approaching, you still need to make sure that your home’s air conditioners and other HVAC units are functioning properly. If you want to learn more about the importance of quality HVAC services, give Complete Pro Air a call right away.