Air Handler

Air Handler in Tampa, Apollo Beach, Brandon & Nearby Cities

Air Handler
Your air handler can often be the source of your heating and cooling issues, and at Complete Pro Air Conditioning, we can repair and service air handlers from all of the world’s leading manufacturers. We can even replace your older handler for a newer, more energy-efficient model if needed, so if you are experiencing issues with your AC system, schedule service with our expert team of technicians today.

Common Air Handler Troubleshooting Tips

More often than not, your AC handler might just need a simple fix. It could be as easy as unclogging the evaporator coils, replacing a dirty air filter, or replacing your blower motor. At Complete Pro Air Conditioning & Heating, our team of expert technicians can diagnose and repair any handler issues you might be experiencing – from simple to complex. We will inspect your handler, as well as the rest of your AC system, to ensure that we find all system issues so that they can be addressed. We will then discuss our findings and your repair options with you so that you have the opportunity to make an educated decision for your home or business. Once you have signed off on the repairs, we will quickly get to work repairing your handler or other system components to help you keep your AC running smoothly for months and years to come.

Can you complete my repair today? In many cases, we are able to complete your AC handler and system repairs the very same day that you call us. Or, if you would like to schedule a service call or estimate at a specific date and time, we can accommodate that, too.

What if it’s not a simple fix? Not to worry. Our team can revive nearly any AC system to extend the life of your current AC. If not, we can make recommendations for replacement systems and handlers that will meet and exceed your every expectation – without breaking the bank. Additionally, qualified customers can apply for new AC financing options to help them offset the initial cost of their new AC equipment, and our team can provide you with all of the AC installation services you need to get back up and running.

If your air handler is acting up or you think you need to request other repairs or services for your residential or commercial AC system, contact Complete Pro Air Conditioning & Heating today to speak to our experts. We now serve homes and businesses throughout Tampa, Apollo Beach, Brandon, Valrico, Wesley Chapel, and other nearby cities, and we look forward to serving you!