Central Air Repair

Central Air Repair in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview & Beyond

central air repair

Florida residents are frequent targets of hurricanes and other major storms. After the winds and rain pass through the area, homeowners assessing damages may find themselves in need of central air repair.

Finding a trustworthy, reliable air conditioning service technician with the knowledge and skills to work on your central air conditioning system is vital when the heat and humidity are high. While some storm-ravaged central cooling units may need to be replaced, an experienced AC repair technician might be able to coax a little more life out of your unit.

Protect Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

Central air conditioning units are expensive. Investing in a high-quality surge protector that can shut down your system if there is a lightning strike could potentially save you from having to buy a new central AC unit. Your technician can advise you on the proper size surge protector you will need to handle a voltage surge.

Do Preventive Maintenance Before a Storm

Hurricane-force winds can easily rip the outside portion of your central air unit from its moorings. When arranging for a new unit to be installed, make sure that it rests atop a concrete slab. Hurricane strips can further anchor it in place.

Before a storm hits, make sure that there are no fire ant mounds beside your central air unit. If you are evacuating for a storm, you may want to disconnect and cover it to prevent damage from tree limbs or other projectiles.

After the Storm

Now is when you want to have an air conditioning company’s number on speed-dial. A damaged unit will need to be professionally inspected to determine whether it can be fixed or needs to be replaced. In most cases of flooding, your central air repair technician will likely recommend replacing your unit.

Providing Year-Round Service and Sales to Floridians

When you need to air conditioning repair service or want to replace your central air conditioning unit, you should only deal with a reputable heating and cooling company like Complete Pro Air Conditioning. For reliable and dependable air conditioning service in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Wimauma, Gibsonton, and beyond, contact the dedicated central air repair professionals at Complete Pro Air Conditioning.