You made it through another hot summer — congrats! Hopefully, you and your family had a blast this summer and were comfortable during all those hot nights. Now, as the colder months approach, though your Florida home isn’t in that much damage of horrendous snowfall like other parts of the country, there still are some things you’ll need to do to ensure your family is comfortable, protected, and finances are in order.


If you don’t prepare your home for the colder months, you could end up wasting a significant amount of your hard-earned money.


Here are some excellent tips for preparing your home for the upcoming winter:


  • Prune trees around your house — If there are long tree branches near your house, your roof, or your gutters, you should cut them often to keep your home protected. During the colder months, broken branches can fall and cause major damage to your home. A few hours with the pruner now could save you a lot of money in damages later.


  • Consult with professional HVAC services — The average family spends close to $2,000 on energy bills, and nearly half of that goes into heating and cooling. You don’t want to neglect your home’s air conditioning — even throughout the winter. Make sure you’re working with professional air conditioning repair services in order to effectively winterize your HVAC units. Experienced HVAC services can offer everything from HVAC repair and replacement to installation and general maintenance.


  • Clean area around outdoor unit — Per the manufacturer’s specifications, your outdoor unit requires 12” of clearance around it
    for adequate airflow. Any grass, weeds or vines that grow around the unit will
    starve the air flow and decrease the system’s efficiency.


  • Mulch your leaves when you mow your lawn — Instead of raking your leaves, start mowing them to cut the leaves into dime-sized pieces that will decompose and nourish your lawn over the winter. If you have a significant amount of leaves on your lawn, you might want to rake a few piles — but mowing most of it can actually help improve your property during and after the winter.


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